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About the Artist

Born 1968 in Basel, Dominik Gschwind grew up on a farm in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland's Northwest and spent the most part of his time outdoors. The beauty and harmony of that gorgious landscape has left a deep impact on his emotional relation to the sensations of nature.

But during the early years of his life he was not very much engaged with drawing and painting it was more his father Kurt Gschwind who painted with great passion mostly in watercolours and whenever possible plein-air.

Even if Dominik always was curious on his dads artwork and sometimes went out with him to paint, he was at that stage more attracted by craftmanship and spent a lot of time in his beloved workshop. So his approach to drawing became therefore more influenced from a technical perspective.

He graduated as an architect at the Technical Highschool ETH Zurich 1996 where he got a solid arteducation mainly during the first 2 years. Today, Dominik lives with his wife and daughter outside Zurich and maintains his own atelier for architecture and furnituredesign since 2005.

All those years of drawing and sketching while working as an architect gave Dominik the opportunity to develop a broad sense for form, light, colour and composition. These are the same aspects which are essential in painting and so Dominik discovered his profound love for painting during his late fourties.

His artwork is strongly inspired by the realist impressionists and he works preferably plein-air to get the most intense experience of mood and essence of the motiv.

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